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Austin Air Standard Replacement Filters

All our filters are designed to last up to 5
years under normal residential use. Replacement filters for all
standard size models are available below. You can check the size of your
existing filter by looking for a label on the bottom of the unit. Model
HM400 indicates standard size filter. Still not sure which filter you
need? Our Standard size filters measure 14.5” high.

Feel like an upgrade? All standard size units are interchangeable with
all standard size filters. So, if you purchased a HealthMate® and would
like to upgrade to a HealthMate Plus® you can replace your old
HealthMate® filter with a new HealthMate Plus® filter.

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Healthmate Filter, Austin Air, Air purifier HealthMate Filter

Our Price: $290.00
Allergy Machine Filter Allergy Machine Filter

Our Price: $340.00
Pet Machine Filter Pet Machine Filter

Our Price: $360.00
HealthMate Plus Filter HealthMate Plus Filter

Our Price: $430.00
Bedroom Machine Filter Bedroom Machine Filter

Our Price: $570.00