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Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision Robot Vacuum
Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision Robot Vacuum

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Robot vacuum cleaner with live image feed and 2 hours runtime with the best cleaning performance.
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  • Features
    The RX2 Home Vision also gives you the ability to actually see what’s happening during cleaning right on your smart phone or tablet.

    Systematic 3D Navigation

    The Scout RX2 vacuums are equipped with 2 digital ceiling cameras that give it high-precision, 3D object recognition, and the ability to accurately measure and anticipate distances to potential obstructions. From antique or object d’art collectors to Feng-Sui designers, no matter how complex or simple your room layout, the RX2 will safely navigate it leaving no dirt or dust behind.

    The combination of a gyro sensor plus 10 infrared sensors—7 anti-collision plus 3 anti-fall sensors—all working interactively, reliably reduce collisions and prevent falls from heights of more than 1.5 inches.

    This unique set of interworking design and electronic elements allow the RX2 to systematically navigate your floor space, rather than move randomly through rooms. The end result is bare floors and carpets that are thoroughly cleaned and furniture that is unmarked.

    Powerful and Thorough Cleaning

    Even though super-convenient, most robot vacuums simply don’t have the cleaning power of a traditional upright or canister vacuum. The Scout RX2 vacuums boast the Quattro cleaning power suction system developed by Miele for superior dirt and dust collection and retention. This system consists of 4 elements working together to give you a more thorough clean.

    Swing-out Side Brushes: While most robot vacs have them, the RX2 side brushes have twice as many individual brushes which extend to sweep along walls and into corners, brushing dirt into the path of the vacuum. When an obstacle is encountered, the brushes retract for continued cleaning without delay or harm to furniture.

    Suction Aperture Roller Brush: The roller brush reliably loosens and brushes up dirt which is guided underneath the robot by side arms into the front suction opening.

    Rear Suction Aperture: This second suction aperture ensures that even fine dust is captured as the robot moves smoothly over all floor types.

    High-Speed Brushless Motor: Thanks to the 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery, this powerful motor produces strong suction that blows all dirt and dust collected into the dust box. Its brushless drive means a long service life of excellent performance.

    The RX2 also runs very energy-efficiently which provides up to 60 minutes of cleaning time for the RX2 and up to 120 minutes for the RX2 Home Vision.

    Unrestricted Control

    While the RX2 is cleaning your home, a map of the path that has been cleaned is generated so that you monitor the cleaning job. Use your smartphone or tablet to program cleaning areas and times as well as begin, pause or stop a cleaning job. Home mapping generates a map so you can easily see areas your robot has already cleaned.

    The App welcome screen gives you key information at a glance so you don’t have to navigate a complex menu to program your robot. In just 2 clicks you can select a cleaning mode and start your RX2 on a cleaning job. Use the timer function to set a cleaning start time. With up to 7 individual timers, you can program cleaning jobs at different times every day of the week to fit into your schedule.

    Cleaning Modes + Carpet Boost

    With the ability to recognize carpet, the Scout transitions smoothly from bare floors onto carpets up to ¾ inches high, boosting suction performance for top-quality dust extraction and pick-up on carpeting. When returning to bare floors, it automatically returns to a lower power level for greater energy-efficient operation.

    Its four cleaning modes, 3 for special tasks—auto, spot, and turbo—allows the RX2 Robot Vacuum to tackle any job.

    Auto Mode: Just like it sounds, this mode sends the robot vacuum on its cleaning mission to clean all floor areas, returning to re-charge if necessary, and resume until the job is complete.

    Spot Cleaning: For unexpected mishaps, send the Scout to the rescue for fast clean-ups of areas up to 6-feet square.

    Turbo Mode: Selecting this mode will send the Scout into its normal systematic path, but further apart for a really fast sweep when you’re running behind and guests are expected. It can also shift into Silent Mode for cleaning at a quieter level, so you can enjoy a nap or catch up on your reading while your floors acquire a shine.

    Anti-Skid Wheels: Steady as she goes—thresholds and cords won’t throw this robot vacuum off balance thanks to these wheels. They also assist the robot when it transitions from bare floors to carpet.

    Sleek, Slim Design: At a slender 3.375-inch height, the RX2 glides underneath sofas, furniture, and gets into out-of-the-way places so your entire floor space is clean.

    Convenient Dust Box: The Scout will let you know when it’s time to empty the dust bin, and you can conveniently access it by simply opening the lid and lifting it out with its yellow handle. Slide the buttons on top inward to release the top for fast disposal of dirt.

    AirClean Plus Filtration: Known for excellent filtration, Miele has equipped the Scout with their AirClean Plus filter, ensuring that dust stays where it belongs instead of escaping back into your home.

    Manual Scheduling: If you don’t happen to love using smart devices, no problem! You can schedule the RX2 directly on the machine so it will begin cleaning at the selected start time. It will return to the base station to recharge all on its own so you can go shopping, have lunch out, or whatever.

    Remote Control: This Miele robot vacuum comes with a remote control as well so you can take it from its normal path, guiding it to specified areas for turbo or spot cleaning.

    Re-charge and Resume: Whether your hanging out at home on a Saturday morning, or rushing to the next appointment, if the battery charge isn’t sufficient to complete a cleaning job, the RX2 will return to the base, re-charge, and resume cleaning right where it left off, continuing until the job is finished.

    Boundaries: Of course, there are areas where you may not want the RX2 to go. Use the included magnetic strip to create a boundary for your robot.

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